Deceased Estate

In 2011 I went to the US to document ghost towns. In the depths of the recession, with main street closed down, and people forced into extreme poverty returning to previously abandoned places, the distinction between living and dead towns was very blurry and the notion of being a leering poverty-tourist was unappealing. However, on my travels I noticed a lot of isolated abandoned buildings stuck seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It seemed to me that the 'just build it here, damn it' attitude that still emanated from these ruins said something about the American character. A confidence and a naive self-belief - that in these cases just hadn't panned out. I am working on an art project with some of these photos and others from this series - but I didn't want these to be left behind, like ghost houses set back from the highway.

A selection of stills from 'Deceased Estate' available from Blurb. All profits to Medicins sans Frontiers.
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